Clean with Clarisonic!!

Ever felt like your facial wash just is not enough? Ever woken up to cleanse your face and still removing traces of make up? The answer is the Clarisonic!! After 7 months of using it i swear by the amazing gadget, i will now tell you why!
Why the Clarisonic Plus?
So as you may or may not know there are a number of different Clarisonic models. The Clarisonic Mia, Plus and Classic. After months of researching and debating the Plus stood out more to me as you can put the body brush on and exfoliate your body too, which is great for anyone that loves flawless fake tan.
How do i use the Clarisonic and what do i use it with? 
As i work for Elemis i didn’t want to change my products as i swear by them, Finding out i can still use my Elemis products with the Clarisonic was just an added bonus to getting one. I currently use my Elemis melting cleansing gel with my Clarisonic on the evening followed by balancing lavender toner and Elemis maximum replenish night cream. Using my Clarisonic on the evening has helped with the absorption of my moisturiser and appearance of redness in the morning.
Worth the money? 
When i was first purchasing the Clarisonic i debated it due to the price because lets face it.. £175 is a lot of money. I can honestly say this little gadget was worth every penny. Once you’ve used the Clarisonic.. you will never look back.
I hope you enjoyed the review, stop the debating, take the plunge i promise you wont be disappointed.
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